The D-Split is an optically-isolated DMX splitter and repeater for DMX512. With one input and four outputs, the D-Split gives you the ultimate flexibility to link up to 32 DMX fixtures.

Need more outputs? Simply add more D-Splits to your chain!

    SKU: 70578-70579
    • Small yet powerful

      The small, light and portable D-Split offers a great solution to extend your DMX chain, without sacrificing the quality.

      ANSI E1.11 – USITT DMX512-A compatible. Each unit repeats and re-buffers all 512 channels of DMX from the input on each output.

    • 1000V optical isolation

      Each output port features protection up to 1000V of stray voltage, meaning any issues stay on the DMX line and don’t jump across into the rest of your system.

      Using a D-Split between your DMX controller and lights is a smart way to help protect your precious gear from getting damaged by DMX cabling faults or stray voltage, all whilst making your DMX wiring scheme far more flexible.

      Simply connect your fixtures and controls – let D-Split take care of the rest.

    • DIN rail mounting solution

      The D-Split features built-in mounting points to attach an optional TS35 DIN rail clip (included in the box) to allow you to install it in control cabinets or on surfaces/walls with a DIN rail fitted.

    • Australian designed for top performance

      Designed by ENTTEC for reliable operation in the Australian environment, our professional quality pixel strips use superior thickened copper tracks to reduce the effects of voltage drop and to allow a more even intensity along the length of the strip.

    • Goodbye DMX adaptors!

      We know that using DMX adaptors to convert between 3- and 5-pin is a pain. You either forget them, lose them, or they take up unnecessary space in your installation. It’s this attention to detail that we believe helps to make ENTTEC products stand out.

      We have two D-Split variants that make this pin issue a thing of the past! Choose between:

      70578: 2 x 3-pin + 2 x 5-pin outputs
      70579: 4 x 5-pin outputs

      We’ve included both 3- and 5-pin DMX input connectors on both variants for you to connect the DMX input you need.

    • Wide voltage range

      The D-Split is shipped with a universal DC power adaptor as standard. However, if space is tight and you want to share a single power supply between all of your devices (e.g. in a DIN Cabinet), it can accept 7-24V DC input.

    • Stealth design

      The updated D-Split case design features a robust ABS construction with a single power LED, allowing it to blend into the background of your projects.

    • 3-year warranty

      ENTTEC are proud to back up the confidence in our research, engineering and quality control with a 3-year manufacture defect warranty on this product.

    Connect and Extend

    Instead of having to make all fixtures fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-Split can be the start of its own chain, and multiple D-Splits can be linked together to expand further.

    DMX pass through

    As the two male DMX inputs of the D-Split are linked (designed for one DMX input at a time), as an installer, you can create non-standard, female-to-female DMX cabling to create a DMX chain of up to 32 D-Splits. Simply daisy chain each male XLR together from a single DMX source.

    This is a way to ensure your DMX source can travel between the input side of your D-Splits, even if one isn’t powered on.



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