Architectural lighting meets operatic live performance

(The Royal Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark)



Royal Danish Opera, LED lighting


– LED pixel mapping software. We recommend ENTTEC’s award-winning ELM.

– 10 x Pixelator: ENTTEC’s flagship Ethernet > Pixel Link driver.

– 172 x PLink Injectors – inject data and power to extend your setup across long distances.


The Royal Danish Theatre have staged the first ever production of a newly-written opera, The Snow Queen – an interpretation of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale by one of Denmark’s most eminent composers, Hans Abrahamsen.

Production director Francisco Negrin wanted to create a multidimensional sensory experience. Conventional lighting by renowned designers Bruno Poet and Matt Daw was used in collaboration with an LED lighting installation by Spanish audiovisual studio Playmodes, known for their architectural lighting designs. ENTTEC Pixelators and the Pixel Link system were chosen to control an innovative and immersive light show.

Pre-production, conceptual design-making and rendering between the artistic team and the Royal Danish Theatre took roughly two years, followed by two weeks of physical LED lighting installation and a further two weeks of on-site programming. The net result was an innovative and immersive audiovisual experience that changes the perception of what an opera can be.





“ENTTEC’s products were by far the most operationally secure and stable available. With a super effective and fast support system on any issues we might have had, ENTTEC has been the best possible hardware partner in The Snow Queen project.”
Stig Debois Project Manager at The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen

The artistic team at work installing LED lighting strips featuring some 155,000 pixels alongside 10 ENTTEC Pixelators and 172 ENTTEC Plink injectors.

Scenes from the finished production, showcasing the spectacular LED lighting design and installation. Photography by Per Morten Abrahamsen.

Project: The Snow Queen Project Design: The Royal Danish Theatre Production director: Francisco Negrin Set design: Palle Steen Christensen Costume design: Louis Désirè Choreography: Toniah Pedersen Lighting design: Bruno Poet and Matt Daw LED installation: Playmodes Studio

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