With its rich, colour-changing LED pixels housed within a bendable silicone strip, our professional Neon Flex is one of the most versatile light fixtures imaginable.

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Flexible LED strip lighting.

Introducing ENTTEC Neon Flex: the ultimate lighting solution that combines flexibility, durability, and ease of installation. Made from high quality silicone, this waterproof LED strip is designed to handle any environment.

With its ability to bend horizontally, ENTTEC Neon Flex allows for easy shaping and contouring, enabling you to create amazing, unique designs.

Installing Neon Flex is a breeze with our range of cable and power connector options. In addition, with accessories for surface or recessed mounting, Neon Flex ensures a sleek and professional finish.

Illuminate your space with our versatile and easy-to-install Neon Flex – available in non-addressable, DMX pixel or SPI pixel controllable versions – all ideal for turning any area into a captivating visual spectacle.



  • For professional applications
  • DMX pixel, SPI pixel & non-addressable versions available
  • Colour-changing LEDs
  • Rich hues & ultra-smooth dimming
  • Custom lengths made to order


Weather resistant

Designed for use indoors or out, Neon Flex is created using silicone, so it is more resistant to UV light and high temperatures than PVC. This means no undesirable cracking or yellowing.

Timeless retro appeal

We all love the amazing warmth of traditional glass neon gas tubing: think classic 1950s American diner. Modern LED flex gives you the same effect without the old environmental or safety concerns.

True brightness

If your experience of flexible LED lights has been limited to “toy” strips from hardware chains or budget online sellers, you’ll be blown away by the rich colour output of ENTTEC professional LED Neon Flex.

Smooth as silk

Create truly beautiful effects. Whether you want to attract attention with bold primary colours, or have dreamy pastels melt into each other, our LED flex can conjure up any ambience you desire.

Architectural style

With their crisp, white profile, LED Neon Flex strips are perfect for adding a sleek, modern look to your space. Install gorgeous curves or precise straight lines to create unique architectural accents with ease.

Ultra flexible

No other light fixture provides the pliable nature of LED Neon Flex. With its ability to bend horizontally, simply shape it into long or tight curves as required, giving you the literal flexibility to realise almost any design you can imagine.


Talk to our friendly tech consultants to learn how integrating E N T T E C Neon Flex into your existing automation system can take your architectural setup to a whole new level.



So many possibilities.

LED Neon Flex is ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Its versatile, durable and energy-saving nature lends itself perfectly to eye-catching signage or commercial building façades, not to mention multiple uses around your home.


You can also install it in cars, ships, museums, theme parks, nightclubs, concert venues … you name it. And when used alongside ENTTEC’s lighting controllers and software, your audience will be blown away.


Talk to us today and discover how ENTTEC’s professional Neon Flex can transform your project.
Neon flex on a building facade
Neon flex in the ceiling of a public transport interchange
Neon flex combined with graffiti cor a cool street look
Neon flex used in arches

1. Pick your NEON FLEX style


Whether you need a horizontal or vertical bend, or a wide or focused beam angle, we have the right NEON FLEX design to suit your requirements.


2. Choose a control protocol

Each style is available with any one of the following LED protocol variants:











* Refer to datasheet to check which SPI voltage options are available for your chosen style.


3. Fine-tune your colour temperature


A variety of colour temperature options are available for each protocol*, ranging from a super-warm 2200K up to an ultra-cool 6500K.


* Refer to datasheet to check which temperature options are available for your chosen style and protocol.




4. Talk to us and we’ll make it for you!


ENTTEC’s NEON FLEX is custom-made to your unique requirements so you can be sure it’s going to be exactly what you need.
Get in touch with our friendly team today and leave the hard work to us!


NEON FLEX series technical specifications



Available styles five options: S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 / S5 IK rating IK08
Available bending horizontal (S1 / S2 / S3) / vertical (S4 / S5) IP rating IP68 wet location submersible <2m
Available beam angle 120° (S1 / S2 / S4) / 210° (S5) / 270° (S3) Installation temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Available protocols DMX (5-pin) / SPI (3-pin) /
Non-addressable single colour (2-pin), tuneable white (3-pin), or RGBW (5-pin)
Operating temperature range -40°C to 55°C
LED source Epistar SMD LED 5050 Connector type IP68 twist-lock connector
LED lifetime 70,000 Hours L70 @ 25°C / 50,000 Hours L70 @ 50°C Warranty 3-year return to base manufacturer warranty
Body material silicone  

(Refer to datasheet for detailed information and technical data relating to individual style and protocol combinations.)

Extrusion for mounting

Mounting options

For ease of installation, we offer a range of aluminium extrusions designed to fit each style of our Neon Flex.

For surface-mounting or recessed applications, these are available in linear lengths as well as special forms that can be shaped into curves either horizontally or vertically, to suit the direction that your flex bends.


We also have a range of system accessories to suit your needs, including 3-pin male or female connectors and power injector cables. Refer to the data sheets below for more information on mounting and cabling options.

Aluminium extrusion that can be shaped into curves





installation guide

installation guide

installation guide