You now have the perfect reason to use the same award-winning software that leading professional lighting designers use to map LED pixels.

We’ve been listening to you and have heard how much you all love our award-winning ELM software. No surprises there, right?

And because you keep telling us that every serious lighting project deserves to be using it, we’ve decided that from now on you’ll receive a FREE ELM license bundled with every purchase of an ENTTEC pixel controller.

That’s a FREE gift of up to AUD $682.50 in value!

Your fully-featured, professional LED mapping software will cover the exact amount of Universes of control that your chosen product is capable of outputting – for example, 8U for each OCTO or 48U for a Pixelator. So that’s one less part of the process that you have to worry about.

All you need to do is pick the controller that’s right for your project:

70060 Pixelator
+ ELM with 48U license

70066 Pixelator Mini
+ ELM with 16U license

71066 Pixelator Mini PX1-8D
+ ELM with 16U license

71521 OCTO
+ ELM with 8U license

73540 Pixie Driver 5V (110W)
+ ELM with 2U license

73543 Pixie Driver 12V (130W)
+ ELM with 2U license

73548 Pixie Driver 24V (130W)
+ ELM with 2U license

The FREE ELM license offer also applies if you have any of these discontinued products:

71520 Pixel Octo PC1-2D
+ ELM with 8U license

75020-12 Pixel Triton 12V (260W)
+ ELM with 8U license

75020-24 Pixel Triton 24V (300W)
+ ELM with 8U license

76303-12 Pixel Port 12V (120W)
+ ELM with 2U license

76303-24 Pixel Port 24V (130W)
+ ELM with 2U license

76303-5 Pixel Port 5V (50W)
+ ELM with 2U license

“But what if I already own an ENTTEC pixel controller?”

Fear not – we’ve got you covered too!

Regardless of when you bought your device, all you’ll need is its serial number (which means you’ll have to wait until yours physically arrives if you’re a new purchaser). Then simply follow the link below, enter the requested information, and your account will be credited with your free ELM Universes immediately.

And what if you already have an ELM license? No problems there either. Remember, ELM licenses have always been stackable, so your FREE Universes will simply be added to your existing amount. Too easy.

IMPORTANT: For your FREE Universes to be applied to your account, you’ll need to ensure you have a minimum of ELM version 537 installed.


Explore our diverse range of LED pixel controllers and GET MAPPING!

  • 8-Universe DIN-rail LED pixel controller

    The Pixel Octo is a DIN-RAIL pixel controller with 8 Universes which can drive up to 1360 pixels. Allows control of digital LED pixel strips via an easy to use web-interface or by receiving up to 8 Universes of DMX over Ethernet.

    Pixel Octo

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  • Compact and powerful DIN-Rail Ethernet pixel converter, that can drive up to 8,192 channels (2,730 RGB Pixels).

    Pixelator Mini PX1-8D

    $700.00 +GST
    Buy Now
  • Ethernet Pixel controller

    An 8-port Ethernet-pixel controller, the Pixelator Mini is a compact version of the Pixelator. Powerful enough to control up to 8,192 channels (2,730 RGB Pixels) with perfect synchronisation across all eight of its outputs.

    Pixelator Mini

    $800.00 +GST
    Buy Now
  • Ethernet-to-Pixel converter

    World’s most powerful Ethernet-to-pixel protocol converter. With its high-speed network connection and rugged rackmount enclosure, the Pixelator can control an impressive impressive 24,576 channels (8,192 RGB pixels).


    $2,100.00 +GST
    Buy Now