BL Linear light – the modern range of LED lighting

Wherever you require a stylish, linear LED option, this is the light for you! Because it’s designed for all direct lighting applications, the BL is the perfect fixture for lighting designers and architects to work with. Because each light is unique, call us today to discuss your project requirements and how we can help you to choose from the best control options to the perfect light fixture!
Whether you need a pendant, recessed or surface mount fixture, many options are available. Choose from different widths and lengths. Simply configure your linear light exactly the way you want. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:
  • Distribute the light evenly in every corner with an up and down profile.
  • Double or triple the brightness for large or industrial spaces.
  • Use a pendant light with natural whites to fill in a high ceiling.
  • There is no limitation to what effect you can achieve with these linear lights.
Furthermore, the extruded aluminium profile finish can also be customized depending on your projects’ requirements. They are simple to install, comes in variable colour temperature and is dimmable if required. As a result, our customers use BL lights in entire buildings, from the reception desk to the meeting room.
So versatile, you can use them in any size room and indoor situations.

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