Pixel Control

Let ENTTEC take your light show to the next level!

Modern light shows owe their spectacular nature to the existence of addressable LED pixel control technology.
At ENTTEC, we love making cool light shows. You might even say that our devices are designed by lighting designers for lighting designers. We ensure that they support all major lighting protocols. In addition, we use the industry's most popular connectors, making our range ideal for both touring or fixed installations.
The latest exciting releases to join to our range include the Pixel Octo and Pixel Triton. Firstly, the Pixel Octo is our easy-to-use DIN-rail addressable LED pixel controller. Thanks to its stand-alone mode, even users with no knowledge of DMX can create wonderful lighting effects with ease. Secondly, the Pixel Triton is our high-power LED pixel driver. Because it can supply up to 300w of power directly to your LEDs, it's perfect for larger installations.
Above all, our pixel controllers form a vital part of the end-to-end lighting solutions that we proudly offer. From the award-winning ELM to our high-grade pixel strips, let ENTTEC take your projects to a whole new level.

Pixel Dots

SMART PXL: High quality, individually-addressable LED light dots by ENTTEC

Robust and reliable, ENTTEC’s high-resolution, individually-addressable SMART PXL pixel dots are designed and made in Australia from marine grade aluminium to withstand the harshest of environments. Supporting 16-bit colour resolution, SMART PXL dots have a higher IP rating and a brighter output than LED strips. Also, no heat management issues means no extrusions are required for safety. Most importantly, pixel dots have a fantastic visual appeal and can be configured into virtually any conceivable shape.

Engineered to take any architectural, commercial or entertainment project to the next level, the SMART PXL range has been created by lighting professionals for lighting professionals.


Pixel Strip

Bringing you the best in digital LED pixel strips

Manufactured to the highest quality, our individually-addressable digital LED pixel strips come in a range of voltages and grouping types. Choose from varieties of 30, 60 or 144 LEDs per metre depending upon the requirements of your project.
We custom-design PCB layouts and, importantly, use extra-wide 3oz copper tracks to ensure both minimal voltage drop and maximum performance. All of our strips feature a 32-bit, True Colour display, Scan frequency of 400Hz+/s and adhesive backing for easy installation.
You'll notice that most LED tapes on the market are white in colour. However, we also offer black PCB styles which are becoming increasingly popular. These minimise external light reflection and hide your installation when the display is switched off. Perfect for the stealth lighting designer!
With their lightweight, space-saving design, ENTTEC has an LED pixel tape for every project!
  • Black pixel tape RGB 8P60 (5V) 5m

    $180.50 +GST
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  • The best way to minimise external light reflection and conceal the workings of your installation when the display is switched off. It’s the stuff that a stealth designer’s dreams are made of.

    Black pixel tape RGBW (12V) - 5M

    $250.00 +GST
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  • Black pixel tape RGBW 60 (5V) 4m

    $180.50 +GST
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  • Pixel tape RGB: 8PL60 (12V) 5m reel

    $209.00 +GST
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  • Pixel tape RGB: 8PL60 (5V) 5m

    $180.50 +GST
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  • Pixel tape RGB: 8PL30 (5V) 5m

    $138.00 +GST
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  • Pixel tape RGBW: 8PX60 (5V) 4m

    $180.50 +GST
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  • Available for the very first time: the 12V strip with 60 individually-controllable single pixel RGB LEDs per meter, in a black PCB. Comes in a 5m roll.

    8PX60-12-B (12V) - 5M

    $262.50 +GST
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  • Pixel tape RGBW: 8PX30 (5V) 5m

    $171.00 +GST
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