Pixel strip driver

Smart Pixel strip Driver, the Pixie Driver controls 2 Universes of LED pixels over two outputs and can drive up to 600 LEDs. The PIXIE DRIVER provides an all-in-one powered pixel driver perfect to minimize any pixel lighting setup. 


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Controlling individual pixels reliably at your fingertips

Combine the power and control of our Pixel strip driver to realise previously unimaginable visual effects, right at your fingertips. Pre-programmed or live, the Pixie Driver unlocks the full potential of LED pixel projects.

It is available in 5V (110 WATTS), 12V (130 WATTS), or 24V (130 WATTS).

pixel strip driver


High density

Available in 6 versions (based on voltage and max. power). The 110 Watts Pixie driver can control up to 600 RGB LEDs from one source (USB) and the 55 Watts can control up to 300 RGB LEDs. This means you need less hardware to controls more strips.

Supports a wide range of LED pixel strips and dots

Check the Downloads section for a comprehensive table showing all currently compatible LED protocols.

Smallest in its Class

With an overall size of 215mm x 129mm x 42.7mm, the Pixie Driver is the smallest all-in-one device in its class. What’s more, a rack mount frame allows mounting of 8 units in a 3RU high enclosure offering an unparalleled density of Pixel strip driving.

Standalone mode

With an inbuilt memory, the Pixie Driver can be set to replay a pre-programmed sequence. For instance, a standalone sequence is recorded via USB using Pro Manager software (Art-Net input). Only one sequence can be stored at any single time – and runs on power-up.

Live Mode

Drive your Pixel lights using DMX input from its 2x DMX ports. DMX Personality decides how the 2 DMX inputs are mapped.

pixel strip driver





Pixie Driver Standalone Shows


Compatible with…

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