Add features to your ODE by purchasing plugins

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Add extra features to your ODE

Each plugin adds a unique feature to your ODE device. NMU is required to install and configure each plugin.

Plugin is unique per ODE, please supply the serial-number of your ODE, while placing your order for plugin

Note: The plugins only apply to ODE v1 (sku: 70305 or 70306). These plugins are not compatible with ODE MK2.


HTP Merge Extended plugin

  • Extends the HTP merging of input ethernet streams (Art-Net or ESP) from 2 to 6.
  • Merging is based on a FIFO stack if you have more than 6 sources.
  • Each input is recognized by a different source IP address

CrossOver Merge plugin

  • This plugin takes input from two different Art-Net sources and merges them.
  • using the data from  Source A  for all channels starting at 1 and continuing up to and including a certain address (the Merge Threshold)
  • Then for all addresses over the Merge Threshold, it uses the data from Source B instead. This secondary input is used from there up to 512.

DMX detour plugin

  • With this plug-in, ODE listens to an Art-Net source, ignoring any values it receives until the  Start Listening Value
  • That address is then shifted to the Start Sending Value  for DMX output.
  • All higher channels are shifted the same number of slots as well, until the maximum address of 512 is reached.