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The smart way to extend your Constant Voltage LED setup over long distances.


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Control your normal RGB tape within the same setup as your pixel tape by using our CVC3.

It provides the ability to drive single-colour or RGB LED tape (such as 9VL4) using PLink data. Each unit takes up 3 channels and passes on the remaining channels, allowing various units to be chained together with the same PLink data.

12V or 24V power is re-injected from an external power source. Please refer to application diagram (in ‘Documents’ below) for more information.

What is the
ENTTEC PLink (Pixel Link)

ENTTEC’s PLink protocol has been especially designed to extend your LED pixel or Constant Voltage layout over long distances.

With their compact installation footprint, you can use a series of PLink Injectors to convert PLink data from your Pixelator, Pixelator Mini or Pixelator Mini PX1-8D allowing you to easily control LED pixel tape or pixel dots up to 300 metres away over standard CAT 6 cable.

Alternatively, use a CVC3 or CVC4 to control Constant Voltage (CV) LED tape using the same method!




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